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5 Peony Stems

5 Peony Stems

It's peony season! For a limited time only, we are offering 5 stems of peonies as an add to any wrapped bloom or vase arrangement.  What's the big deal?!  Peonies are a fan favorite and are blooming locally in the US now through June.  They are typically pricier flowers because of how rare they are.  Now is the best time to get your fix.  


Delivering to the SF/Peninsula from SF to Palo Alto and East Bay from Oakland to Hayward. Order by Monday at 9pm for Wednesday evening delivery and Thursday at 9pm for Saturday delivery.

  • Flower Care

    Due to the perishable nature of flowers, the lifespan varies from bloom to bloom but we aim for at least 7 days.  Placing flowers in a cool space and out of direct sunlight prolongs their life.  We also suggest trimming the stems and changing the water every few days. 

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