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Peonies, pretty please!

Peonies, pretty please!

It's peony season!  An all peony (10 stems) and greens bouquet.  Watch these beauties start from a tiny bulb and bloom to 2-3x their size within a few days. What's the big deal?!  Peonies are a fan favorite and are blooming locally in the US now through June.  They are typically pricier flowers because of how rare they are.  


Delivering to the SF/Peninsula from SF to Palo Alto and East Bay from Oakland to Hayward. Order by Monday at 9pm for Wednesday evening delivery and Thursday at 9pm for Saturday delivery.

  • Flower Care

    Due to the perishable nature of flowers, the lifespan varies from bloom to bloom but we aim for at least 7 days.  Placing flowers in a cool space and out of direct sunlight prolongs their life.  We also suggest trimming the stems and changing the water every few days. 

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